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We provide health and wellness resources for companies that want to help people in their journey to total health

Who we are

We are a highly professional team of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists dedicated to health research and preventive care.


Our Clinical Research Services

  • Clinical trial procedures conducted by trained Investigators and study coordinators
  • Subject recruitment in diverse populations
  • Budget negotiations and grants management

Our Regulatory Services

  • Assistance in completion and submission of regulatory documents
  • Resolution of clinical and regulatory issues
  • Facilitation of meetings with monitors and regulatory agencies

Our Wellness Services

On-site Biometric Screenings

Preventive Care

  • On-site biometric screenings
  • Health assessments
  • Personalized health and lifestyle coaching
  • Flu shot clinics

Our Preventive Care services help keep your employees and their families healthy.

Wellness Program Management

Medication Management

  • Medication therapy management
  • Personalized medication review and assessment
  • Advice on lifestyle modifications

Our licensed pharmacists can help participants manage chronic conditions and optimize therapy outcomes.

Accessible Health Resources

Educational Resources

  • Stress management
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Managing diabetes
  • Smoke cessation and more

We facilitate the individuals’ journey towards total health.

Disease Prevention

Wellness Management

  • Company's approach to health
  • Wellness programs
  • On-site health events
  • Wellness incentives

We facilitate Wellness at Work while meeting your business needs.

Our Wellness at Work packages help face health challenges

Did You Know?

Million Americans...

...are uninsured, mostly due to high costs.

Billion Dollars... what worker illness and injury cost U.S. employers annually.


Of Annual Deaths...

... are preventable, according to the CDC.

Customize your Wellness at Work Package

Choose or combine our services

Preventive Care

Biometric Screenings:

☐ Height, weight & BMI (body mass index)

☐ Blood pressure

☐ Blood sugar

☐ Cholesterol and triglycerides


Personalized Consultation

☐ Risk assessments

☐ Disease prevention and management

☐ Health and lifestyle coaching


On-site Flu Shot Clinics


Medication Management

☐ Medication review and assessment

☐ Advice on lifestyle modifications

☐ Recommendations on how to optimize therapies


Educational Resources

Workshops on:

☐ Stress management

☐ Nutrition and exercise

☐ Lifestyle medicine

☐ Managing diabetes

☐ Smoke cessation

☐ Over-the-counter medications


On-line Health Resources

☐ Ask a Pharmacist

☐ Tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Wellness Management

☐ Management of company wellness program

☐ Wellness facilitator for the site

☐ Health monitoring

☐ Employee incentive program

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Wellness at Work Services - The Overall Benefits


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